Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a great low-impact activity and is a very effective form of rehabilitation following injury. It is one of the more popular forms of exercise, largely because it produces great results with little of the ‘burn’ involved in more arduous workouts. It can be described as a series of movements that specifically target deep postural muscles in the lower back and abdomen. These muscles are stretched, strengthened and toned in a way that brings about improved posture and flexibility.lisburn physiotherapy belfast pilates back2health

Clinical Pilates differs slightly in that exercises are individually tailored by the physio to ensure they’re more suitable for those with low back or neck pain. At Back2health physiotherapy, we run classes on a one to one basis. This ensures that exercises are carried out correctly and teaching can be adapted quickly if necessary.

By completing Pilates on a daily basis, it can help to improve your posture, strength and flexibility. Recent research from the Physiotherapy Department at Queensland University by Richardson and Jull, has demonstrated that by increasing the co-ordination and strength in the deep postural muscles (transversus abdominis) that the lower back is stabilised and protected.