Kinesio Taping

lisburn Physiotherapy and sports injurys clinic back painKinesio Taping technique is based on the body’s own natural healing process in that taping gives support and stability to your joints without detriment to your circulation and range of movement. It is used for preventive maintenance, and to help minimise swelling and pain.At Back2health Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, all our therapists are qualified in applying Kinesio Tape and great results can be achieved almost immediately.

It can be used for anything from headaches to foot problems and everything in between. Examples include: Muscular facilitation or inhibition, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Lower back pain, Herniated disc (slipped disc), Knee pain, Winging scapula, Hamstring strain, Groin injury, Rotator cuff injury, Shoulder impingement, Whiplash, Tennis elbow, Plantar fasciitis, Patella maltracking, Pre and post surgical edema, Ankle sprains, Athletic preventative/ stabilising method, Piriformis Syndrome, Rotator cuff Tendonopathy, Shoulder Bursitis, Shin Splints, Knee Osteoarthritis, Meniscus strain