lisburn Physiotherapy sports injury clinic back2healthPhysiotherapists treat patients with physical problems which may be caused by work related injuries, motor vehicle accidents or more commonly postural problems resulting from the sedentary nature of modern life. At Back2health physiotherapy, we use a “hands on” approach to treatment. Treatments may include spinal mobilisation, manipulation and strengthening or stretching of muscles. A tailored exercise program is always included to allow patients to self manage their problem.

Do you only treat older patients?

No! We treat all age groups – from elite athletes to elderly patients with mobility problems.

Do I need to contact My GP prior to seeing a physio?

No! You are not required to contact your GP prior to treatment.

What will happen at my appointment?

Your physiotherapist will ask you some questions about your symptoms. Then your joints and muscles will be examined. During the appointment, you may be asked to remove some items of clothing so that your physio can look at how you move. At the end of the examination, your physio will explain what they have found. The need for further appointments will be discussed, and any proposed treatments will be fully explained. Its important that you are fully involved in any decisions about your treatment.